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He’s not there.

Sometimes I’m an idiot. Sometimes I fall into an internet hole, late at night, when the music is just right. I go looking for him, only to be devastated that he isn’t there. He wouldn’t be. Or if he is, he is so hidden. So carefully hidden.

But does he ever pull me up to see what has become of the younger soul mate? To spy into my life? I’m so easy to find. I don’t hide.

The most likely option is he just doesn’t care. And that’s ok. Because once in a great while I fall down the hole, but I dig myself back out and go on with my life.

And get one step closer to finally - finally - letting go.

Sometimes I’m an idiot. And I fall down the hole.

I was doing laundry one afternoon and there was nothing on tv. I saw Doctor Who on BBCA and though the show had always been on my pop culture radar, I had never watched it. So I turned it on and tended to my clothes, but within 15 minutes the clothes were forgotten. At one point my husband came in to find out what I was watching because he could hear the Dalek’s loud voices.

It was Journey’s End and I didn’t know what was going on but it didn’t stop me. I was in love. I was hopeless. And I didn’t understand why I was sobbing so hard when he wiped Donna’s memories. It broke me. It still does.

A few weeks later we recorded and sat down to a marathon of season 3, and we were breathless during Blink and the two part Family of Blood episodes. From there we started back at Nine and worked our way though, and have been deep and proud Whovians ever since. We even named our son after Captain Jack. (His middle name is Coulson, after our favorite SHIELD Agent. We have no regrets.)

I’m really glad I didn’t just turn on the Food Network that fateful afternoon. My life would be empty now.

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Doctor Who + references in other television shows


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Step aside, sir. Random security check.
Random my behind! You always stop me.
I’m just a surge protector doing my job, sir.

Now onto Wreck-It Ralph. It’s a “remember the magic in the world” sort of day. That means a lot of Disney. My kids are barely watching it. It’s all on me and my tears.

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Pixar Short: La Luna

… And then La Luna (which always makes me sob like a child).

…then The Blue Umbrella…

…then The Blue Umbrella…

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Watched Paperman….

Watched Paperman….

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An act of true love will thaw a frozen heart.

Watching Frozen, again.

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Avengers 2: Age of Ultron » New Official Stills



Clark Gregg not over it

God I love these men.